The Russian Red Cross started its digital transformation by moving to the Nonprofit Success Pack, unlocking key insights and streamlining processes.

An important mission

Russian Red Cross Society is the Russian branch of Red Cross International, providing emergency assistance, disaster relief and education in Russia. With over 85,000 volunteers, managing donations of 3m swiss Franc in 2018, Russian Red Cross has a large set of responsibilities.

Although they were using a variety of digital tools and services to manage their programs, they were missing a single source of truth; data was siloed into different applications. …

Salesforce has a long history of helping to raise customer satisfaction scores. But as digitization accelerates and more diverse companies move to the salesforce platform, finding the right solution can be a challanege. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best help center apps that can level up the way that you support and connect with your customers.

Five9 Cloud Contact Center

What it is: a Cloud Contact Center Salesforce adapter that provides omnichannel customer service.

Who it’s for: For contact centers and support teams

Product features:

  • It is an automatic blended Inbound and Outbound platform
  • To ensure full…

“With VRP you can always expect clear communication, commitment to meet project goals and proactive input of ideas for the optimal implementation.” — Rafael Blaschke, Head Of Master Data & Contracting

The Challenge

Due to rapid growth, PAYONE needed a convenient & secure way to provide support for their increasing partner and customer base. PAYONE required a solution that was scalable to meet their expanding business.

The Wish

They wished to provide an online portal for their partners & customers giving effective support quickly, as well as easy access to relevant information & documentation. …

Powered by the Nonprofit Success Pack

Like many nonprofits, the Belarus Red Cross Society had moved to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) in order to increase its impact and effectiveness. The tools for fundraising, program management and marketing & engagement helped the Belarus Red Cross Society put their constituents at the heart of all they do. These features have led to an increase in the efficiency of program delivery and an increase in fundraising. Even though the Belarus Red Cross Society was benefiting from their Salesforce platform, they were unable to extract the full benefits available to them.

A standard implementation

The Belarus Red Cross Society initially implemented a…

Update: Community Cloud is now Experience Cloud. More than just a new name, Experience Cloud combines Experience Builder, Salesforce CMS, Mobile Publisher and a variety of web apps to transform businesses through digital touchpoints.

It’s been a while since Communities appeared to replace old-school enterprise collaboration tools, thereby eliminating the hassle of toggling between apps, entering data and syncing data between systems, to say the least. Since then, they have come a long way to eventually morph into an eye-catching, full-fledged engagement solution.

What are Salesforce Communities all about?

Salesforce Community Cloud allows businesses to build multiple customized online communities within their Salesforce orgs based on…

Being a Salesforce fan for many years, having worked for an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to build a product on the Salesforce AppExchange and now as a Systems Integrator (SI) and Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) to help design, build and accelerate product roadmaps for ISVs on the Salesforce AppExchange we often come across the topic whether you should build a product company or a service company.

In this blog I want to explore the difference between product and services companies and share my thoughts on how the Salesforce platform and the Salesforce partner ecosystem can potentially offer the best of…

Once again it’s time for a new Salesforce release and with it a host of both small enhancements to add business value and major new features, disrupting the market. To help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment, I’ll take you through some of the standout features from the latest Salesforce release that we are really excited about at VRP Consulting.


Exciting news — Salesforce will now be available on the major public clouds! The new groundbreaking Hyperforce project, which is described as a complete re-architecture of Salesforce, was made to support businesses by offering them maximum availability…

VRP Consulting enhanced FELM’s fund management and distribution solution with project portfolios and forecasting

The Challenges

FELM receives funding from a wide-range of organisations and individuals. While some donations are for FELM to use as they see best, many come with conditions, obligation and requirements for their distribution. FELM’s Salesforce platform was able to collect donations but it was difficult to effectively match and distribute funds to suitable projects as well as see accurate forecasting.

The Wish

FELM wished to provide its staff with a simpler to use solution to automatically distribute donations to suitable projects, avoiding shortfalls while fulfilling any donation conditions. FELM…

VRP Consulting is one of nine Salesforce PDO Expert companies globally and has been a Salesforce-certified product development organization since 2013, having helped hundreds of companies get on the Salesforce AppExchange. And yet, we still get asked to define what a Salesforce PDO is. Here is the answer.

AppExchange Facts

The Salesforce AppExchange has been a huge success over its 15 year lifespan, and is one of the key differentiators of Salesforce in the market and fundamental to the ecosystem itself. Today there are over 4000 apps available to install, each in some way extending the Salesforce platform beyond its core capability…

| VRP Consulting

The Challenge

Welk Resorts were only using some of the capabilities within Marketing Cloud. Their marketing tools consisted of disparate systems, such as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and other third-party business insights tools. Having looked through additional features they became aware of the options available through integration.

The Wish

The marketing team wished for extended features such as insightful data and the ability to effectively target segmented clients, through personalized messages in email campaigns to upsell and cross sell.

The Solution

Welk Resorts asked VRP Consulting to review their Marketing Cloud implementation and provide seamless integration to their other tools, identifying any additional…

VRP Consulting

@VRP_Consulting is a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, Expert PDO, Expert and Lightning Master. A Partner Innovation Award winner 2020.

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